IV Therapy

What is IV Therapy?

The Ser Institute offers IV Therapy to help maintain your wellness with nutrient injections of a saline base to supply important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to the body. The treatment is administered by a licensed nurse practitioner.


There are a few factors that go into IV therapy, including your age, diet, health history, and any other health conditions you may have. Those factors help us determine the right combination of nutrients to put in your infusion. Common components include:

  • Vitamin A 

  • B vitamins

  • Vitamin C

  • Calcium 

  • Magnesium

  • Zinc

  • Glutathione

Choose the IV therapy bag you need. We offer saline, a typical base for IV therapy. It helps hydrate you and replenish electrolytes, perfect as a hangover cure or to replenish after a grueling workout.


What are the benefits of IV therapy?

IV therapy is perfect for relief from hangover and workout induced fatigue, electrolyte replenishment, detoxification or fluid supplementation. And you don't have to be sick to benefit from our IV therapy. It's also beneficial for athletes to use before competition, or on hot Florida days when dehydration can be dangerous!


IV therapy provides a plethora of potential benefits for each individual that come from a specific combination of nutrients in your IV drip. Each fluid is tailored to your needs, such as vitamins for your condition or energy for your day.


This therapy is convenient because you don't have to take pills or wait for them to dissolve in your system. This IV treatment can get the nutrients in your system faster and more efficiently than any oral supplements containing the same ingredients.


The benefits you can get from
IV therapy include:

  • Better athletic performance

  • Faster athletic recovery

  • Better immunity

  • Hangover relief

  • Hydration

  • More energy

  • Relief of pregnancy symptoms

  • Cold and flu relief

  • Headache and migraine relief

The benefits of IV therapy are felt almost immediately after your infusion, but the effects last for only a few days. However, your results will be different than the next person's.

What should I expect during IV therapy?

Getting started is quick, easy, and hassle-free. And while getting treatment is exciting enough, it’s also fun to talk with the team about how to relieve inflammation and other common issues that cause pain. When you come in for treatment, our team lets you into a room where you can sit in a comfortable chair next to your IV bag. Our staff sanitizes a small area of skin on your arm and places the needle and catheter in a prominent vein. We know nothing can stop you when you feel great. That’s why IV therapy at The Ser Institute is so convenient.


Your IV doctor sets up the IV therapy equipment to deliver the right nutrients directly into your vein. Once the catheter is in place, the team adjusts the pump’s rate of delivery and monitors you during the entire session, which lasts 20 minutes or longer.


Once in place, however, you can read a book or magazine, or scroll through your phone as the treatment takes a couple minutes. During this time, you will be monitored by trained staff who are prepared to assist if you feel any discomfort.


This can be done at our medical facility. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about how IV therapy can help you reach your health goals.