I.V. Therapy

A quick and safe way to get vital nutrients into your body without having to be absorbed through your digestive system. Naturally replenish nutritional deficiencies, correct chemical imbalances and boost your immunity. Maximize your vitality and give your body the optimal boost in health



 Our IVs are provided by a registered nurse and performed under a medical director. Before a client receives IV therapy, their health history is evaluated.

Side effects from an IV drip are very minimal to none. You may experience some discomfort such as bruising, itching, inflammation, or redness at or around the site of injection, and this could last from a few minutes to several days. 

How soon will I feel the effects?

IV  drips go directly  into your blood stream absorbing 100% of the nutrients. Typically you will feel the effects within an hour of treatment.  Some of the Drip Infusions are designed for long term benefits and may not give you the immediate boost you are looking for.

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

There are many benefits, which include but are not limited to:

  • Most efficient method of delivering vital nutrients to the body

  • Bypasses the digestive tract for 100% absorption

  • Nutrients are immediately available for cellular use

  • Safely delivers higher doses of vitamins that would not be tolerated if taken orally

  • Boosts immune system to help prevent or treat illness

  • Increases energy

  • Slows the effects of aging

Can Anyone Receive IV Hydration Therapy?

IV Therapy can be done by anyone who wants to balance out their vitamins and nutrients. Usually, a doctor evaluation is needed to see if you are allergic or have any negative reactions towards supplements contained in the IV drip. This would be the only reason you wouldn't be able to recieve treatment.


This Drip is ideal for athletes looking for a decrease in recovery time and a boost  of energy to get you through any work out routine

Never Sick

Your new go to when you start feeling a cold coming in. This IV drip is designed to keep your immune system strong &  away from any illnesses that has you feeling less than yourself


This IV works just as hard as you partied. Exactly what your body is asking for the day after. You'll be ready to take on all your responsibilities feeling brand new

Last Night



Forever Young Drip

With this infusion, your skin will thank you. Any imperfections will start to diminish and your natural beauty will be enhanced. Our Forever Young Drip, will definitley leave you glowing and more confident

Bye Bye Fat

This blend of vitamins and amino acid will detoxify your body and speed up your metabolism; making it easier for you reach your goal weight 

In The Zone

Formulated to help you focus and get In The Zone, whether its studying, working, or getting errands done. You'll have the energy and drive to accomplish anything you need to do.