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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon cleansing is a safe and an effective way of hydrating and vacating the bowel’s contents with water. Each client is provided a private and most importantly, comfortable experience through the 30-40 minute session. While sitting on our colonic device you will be covered at all times. There is no smell or mess. A toxic bowel is the source of many health problems. Colon cleansing activates the body’s self-healing processes, allowing more effective waste elimination and nutrient absorption. This is also the first step towards normalizing the colon so friendly bacteria can return and keep the colon healthy and safe.


Angel of Water Colonic Device

A top of the line, FDA approved Type 2 medical device for open colon hydrotherapy. A person seated on the system leans backwards and is supported by the ergonomic cushion giving both neck and lumbar support. This allows the client to sit in a slightly reclined position in order to stimulate peristalsis and a more complete elimination of waste. The comfortable ergonomic basin is comfortable for different body shapes and sizes. It is low to the ground to accommodate elderly, infirm and wheelchair-transfer clients. 

Drinking Water


People receive colon hydrotherapy for a variety of personal and wellness reasons. The most common benefit of colon hydrotherapy is cleansing the body of excess waste. Toxins from the waste buildup can enter the bloodstream leaving a person feeling sick, tired or weak. The impacted material inhibits the colon’s ability to absorb minerals and good bacteria and cause sluggish bowel movements or constipation. The colon is an important organ of elimination and vital in detoxifying the body as a whole. Most report feeling brand new, refreshed and energized. One can also feel new mental clarity and skin problems fading away.

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A contraindication is a condition or factor that serves as a reason to withhold a medical treatment due to the harm it could potentially cause the patient. Your therapist should consult these with you before your appointment as some may receive treatment with a doctor’s release. Below is a list of most contraindications for having this service done.

-Abdominal Hernia                                                   -Hemorrhoidectomy

-Abdominal Surgery (within 12 month)

-Intestinal Perforations

-Abnormal Distention

-Acute Liver Failure



-Rectal/Colon Surgery

-Aneurysm (all types)

-Kidney Disease

-Cardiac Condition

-Colonoscopy (within 12 months)

-Crohn's Disease

-C-Section (within 9 months)




-Fissures & Fistulas


-Any seizure disorder


How do I prepare for a session?


It is recommended that you avoid eating two hours prior to the appointment time. This allows the majority of the previously consumed food to pass from the stomach to the small intestines, where the excess pressure on the abdomen will no longer create discomfort.

What kind of water is used?

FDA registered equipment provides four-stage filtration and ultraviolet purification units for water safety.

What should I expect physically, from my colon hydrotherapy session?

Each individual may experience different reactions physically. Most individuals experience the session like an abdomen workout. The feeling of cramping or nausea is associated with the toxic release but these symptoms quickly pass. It is important to note that colon hydrotherapy is a workout for the large intestine muscle. Once the session is complete and your muscles recover the resulting feelings are positive, refreshing and energizing.

What is the difference between colon hydrotherapy and an enema or laxative?


Traditional enemas will only clean the lower portion of the colon. Laxatives often encourage muscle contraction to help the body to eliminate waste, but do not effectively remove build up from the intestinal wall. The Colon Hydrotherapy session will cleanse the entire five feet of the large intestines through water integration that softens and relesses build up on the intestinal wall.

How long does a colon hydrotherapy session last? 

The goal is to detoxify the body, each session is based on the individual's natural body responses. Once sat on the device, you can expect the session to last around 30-40 minutes. Be prepared to spend around an hour in our location to ensure enough time for a thorough consultation before your first session.

Will one colonic completely empty the colon?


Not often. Many of us have a decent amount of impacted feces in our colon that is made of hardened, rubbery or mucus like material. Also, as you learn about the process involved in colonics and become more aware of what is going on in your abdomen, your body learns to make the cleansing experience pleasant. Once your body is comfortable more material and waste is released. One colonic will remove some of the stagnant waste, the second and following will vacate the rest. However it is up to you how often depending on your personal health objectives and advice of your therapist

How big is the rectal nozzle?


The single use, sterile, self-inserted rectal nozzle  is approximately the size of a pencil. Each patient is given specific instructions on ways to insert the nozzle gently and effectively. With the ergonomic design of the nozzle, it is only necessary to insert about 1” to 1.5” to complete the session.

What kind of diet shall I follow after getting a Colon Hydrotherapy session?

Following large intestinal cleansing, the body may feel weary or relaxed. This is simply your body working out and processing through its cleaning period; so, proper rest is important for your body to recuperate and rejuvenate. After receiving Colon Hydrotherapy, for best results:
• Drink plenty of liquids (distilled or purified water, juices, herb teas)
• Eat light foods for 24 hours after the procedure. (Vegetable soups are recommended)
• Avoid eating raw vegetables for a day or two. Steamed vegetables and raw fruits are sufficient -- chew thoroughly. Also avoid anything frozen
or ice cold.
• Reduce flesh consumption. (Especially beef, pork, and chicken