Wellness Director


Dr. Bravo's goal is to provide comprehensive natural healthcare solutions using testing, nutritional support with supplements, and therapies that are truly on another level. Your first visit will begin with an evaluation of the body, allowing Dr. Bravo to gather information about the individual challenges that you are experiencing. By spending quality time listening to your history and assessing your lifestyle, which include environmental and genetic factors that have shaped your health, Dr. Bravo will be able to recommend precisely the right mode to identify and treat the root of your specific problem or problems.

Effective counseling includes a sit down session where you let Dr. Bravo know anything impeding you from being the best version of you there is. With a combination of muscle testing with emotion code ,Chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture; you'll walk out thanking yourself for including us into your self care routine. To feel better, we must do better. When you start focusing on the problems inside, the problems outside start resolving on their own.

The combination of Dr. Bravo's modalities along with good diet and nutritional choices leads to the most effective and sustainable results within our practice. Come in and meet us to find out for yourself!