About Us

Hi I'm Dr. Daniel Bravo founder of The SER Institute, I founded this place with a main objective to assist individuals in reaching optimal wellness.


We do this for you

 Knowledge is power. The more you know about your body and its mechanisms of injury, the more committed you will be to getting better. Our group of dedicated professionals are devoted to educating you about your body and how it works and heals, so that you can maximize health for yourself or for those that matter most to you.

We've found that through proper nutrition and life-style adjustments, the body has the ability to heal itself. We specialize in adjusting the spine, unblocking the life force of the body, which allows for proper healing and optimal performance. Our purpose is to help you feel better and to educate you on proper nutrition, chiropractic health, exercise and the true cause of injury and illness. We weren't born with owner's manuals unfortunately, which is why it's our job to educate you in the proper care of your body and optimum performance so that you have the chance to optimize YOUR body's performance.