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Daniel Bravo

CEO The SER Institute

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Daniel Bravo, chiropractor and founder of The SER Institute is an Integrative Medicine Specialist with over 25 years of experience, serving people all over the world. He graduated from Medical School in Cuba, with a 3-year specialty in Sports Medicine treating professional athletes. 

He has dedicated his career to finding and addressing the root causes of illnesses through a combination of functional and Bio Energetic Medicine. He believes that understanding the underlying causes of medical problems, can help patients stop managing symptoms and start managing their ongoing journey towards healing and optimal health. 

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Licensed Massage Therapist and Skincare Specialist

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International Association Licensed for Colon Hydrotherapy

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Colon Hydrotherapy

Our Services

Our Colon Hydrotherapy system allows for a complete and thorough cleansing of the colon in as little as just 30 minutes. Colon Hydrotherapy promotes regularity, good internal hygiene, weight management, general toxin elimination and pain relief.

Skin Care
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